Due to popular demand, we will be increasing our opening hours throughout December!

To book your table, please call us on 01278 422093

Our festive kitchen hours are as follows;

Wednesday 1st:         8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Thursday 2nd:           8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Friday 3rd:                  8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Saturday 4th:             8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Sunday 5th:               8am-3pm

Monday 6th:             CLOSED

Tuesday 7th:             CLOSED

Wednesday 8th:       8am-2pm        5pm-9pm

Thursday 9th:           8am-2pm        5pm-9pm

Friday 10th:               8am-2pm        5pm-9pm

Saturday 11th:           8am-2pm        5pm-9pm

Sunday 12th:             8am-3pm

Monday 13th:           CLOSED

Tuesday 14th:           8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Wednesday 15th:     8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Thursday 16th:         8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Friday 17th:               8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Saturday 18th:          8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Sunday 19th:            8am-3pm 

Monday 20th:          8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Tuesday 21st:           8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Wednesday 22nd:   8am-2pm         5pm-9pm

Thursday 23rd:        8am-2pm        5pm-9pm

Friday 24th:              8am-3pm

Closed from Saturday 25th until Wednesday 3rd January

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